Burning Stars - Gnoll Discovery

Max's space station, orbiting Titan
John Stevenson watched the turmoil in tightened up atmosphere mimic his own state of mind. The lizards had been beaten back for now.
The UN told him to seek new friendly species and trade with them... He had no clue, when every alien species they'd met were psychotic killers.
The Gnoll Warship Wild Roar
Lord Sergey licked her lips. She finally had a name for the aliens encroaching into no control space – humans.
they will pay in blood and labor for the crimes of their existence. If she can drag them to a civilized level of usefulness, she might not have to kill them all.
Rams Head Space Station
"The problem remains, how do we join the Galactic Collective and not become some subservient species?" asked John.
"You must pick a fight and win," said Tela. "And not with just any species..."
John stared at Tela. "You're serious,"
"They have to be one with standing, either a Patron or a High Servant race."
John shook his headin d ismay, "We have to pick a fight with a space bully?!"
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