Alien Invasion: King Hit in the Tau

The Champagne Universe Series Book 3

War Leader Rezulin sat uncomfortably on an interrogation stool while he twitched his tail from the tight manacles.

He couldn’t help wondering how the tables had turned. It was only a few days ago that he was the master of a deadly warship transporting human slaves to their new lizard colony.
“How many ships are coming,” asked Admiral John Stevenson.
“It matters not human. You cannot stop the invasion,” Rezulin said shaking his scaly snout.
“We’ll see about that,” John said.

Bridge, Lizard Battleship Shesha
Fleet War Leader Darvus stood resolute on his flag bridge.
“What manner of device is this?” he queried.
“We believe it’s an EM receiver.” The thin rectangular metal and plastic device suddenly came to life at Darvus’ touch. Clear realistic images of Humans attacking one another, screaming out taunts blared from the back.
“These Humans are insane. We don’t need to kill them, they’ll do it for us.”
“I believe this is their entertainment Lord Darvus. It’s called music.”
Darvus stared back at the Lizard scientist, realizing he was serious.
‘We definitely need to eradicate them before they infect other species.”

If you like highly charged, fast paced sci-fi action adventures, then you’ll love the Champagne Universe Series.

Lizards arriving at our doorstep is all but inevitable in the latest episode in the Champagne Universe. What they hadn’t counted on was the galvanized human Terran Navy. The maxim ‘Foreknowledge is forearmed’ seemed fitting when the captured War Leader, Rezulin, gave away vital information… The Lizard Fleet was to stopover at Tau Ceti before heading to Earth. It was the perfect place to ambush their new Saurian enemy.  

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